Ever since I started making games, I’ve often felt demotivated at points, mainly because I work with a remote team. When you work on projects which tend to go on for years, there are times when you lose the focus to keep going.

But soon, I realised that looking at other games in development motivated me to finish what I started, and I found myself in different communities just to have a look at what everyone was up to. That’s how the idea for wemake.games was formed.

I wanted to create a unified space for game makers to come together and share their progress. But I didn’t want to stop at just sharing game screenshots; I wanted to create a tool where devs could share their tasks and goals, allowing them to stay socially accountable. That’s the objective behind wemake.games – to have a free platform for everyone involved in creating games where they can mingle with like-minded people while staying motivated and accountable via their goals and progress.

The website is still in beta, growing at a steady rate being developed jointly with the community.